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Following are the key applications for various types of PCBs manufactured at Alpha Circuit Corporation

  • Medical
  • Defense
  • Wearable and portable devices
  • Under-the hood in Automotive
  • Display devices
  • Industrial
  • Thermal Management
  • Emerging & Advanced Technologies

Example of Markets Served:

Aerospace & Defense:

1. Phased Array Antennas
2. Large Antenna Structures
3. Satellite Communications
4. Military Communications
5. Missiles
6. Radar Collision Avoidance, Threat Detection, etc.


1. Under the hood sensors assembled on a thermally managed PCB (Rigid or Flex or hybrid)
2. Rigid/flex PCBs on displays inside the driver compartment
3. BLDC (Brushless DC Motors)
4. Collision avoidance RF PCBs
5. RF PCBs for a variety of telecommunication within the automotive or with outside world.


1. Robotics
2. Instrumentation & Controls
3. Measurement & Calibration


1. Base Station Antennas
2. GPS
3. Wi-Fi Antennas
4. Directional Couplers, Combiners, Power Dividers & Phase Shifters

Medical Technology:

1. Non-Contact Power & Data Transmission
2. Wireless Telemetry
3. Imaging Systems
4. Rigid Flex PCBs for diagnostic devices (monitor/control) of patient in hospital bed or outside.

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