Alpha Circuit Corporation

Alpha Circuit Corporation Supplier Agreement

Dear Supplier,

Please read the following terms and conditions. As a supplier to Alpha Circuit you are required to abide to these terms and conditions.

Alpha Circuit, Alpha Circuits Customer and regulatory authorities have right of access to suppliers as well as sub tier suppliers manufacturing facilities, Certificates and Quality records if needed.

Supplier agrees to provide applicable requirements mentioned in the purchase order even if that requires obtaining information from sub-supplier. In addition, these records must be retained for minimum of three years at supplier or sub-supplier location.

Supplier agrees to keep all quality & manufacturing records for a 3-year period prior to disposition.
  (i) Records must be store electronically with backup stored outside of facility or hard copy stored in fireproof cabinet.
  (ii) Disposition of records must be eradicated electronically or paper records must be shredded.

Each lot shipped to Alpha Circuit must have traceability to raw material used and quality data.

Calibrators and other Service Provides are required to notify Alpha Circuit Corp. whenever out of specification conditions are found.

Certificates of Calibration must be traceable to NIST standards and in accordance with manufacturer specifications.

Supplier agrees to provide 3rd party certification every year.

Process changes that affect product have to be approved prior to production.

Each shipment has to be accompanied with a certificate of compliance.

Packing Slip must include P O number, qty ordered, qty ship, back order and lot number.

All DMR's/Action Requests have to be resolved within 4 weeks.