Quick Turn Prototype

Prototype PCB
Quick-Turn PCB Prototypes
Production Quality Prototype Boards

Alpha's concentrated quick-turn PCB prototype fabrication capabilities make us your one-stop shop in reducing the critical time-to-market requisitions of the Supply Chain. Employing disciplined service, Alpha pledges to meet your quick-turn prototype board needs by building multilayer boards swiftly, economically, and proficiently.

Alpha Quick-Turn PCB Quick Facts
  • Guaranteed by Alpha's 500% guarantee to cover for your costs in the event of an electrical failure
  • Produced in the same lines that are certified for high-reliability, safety, and under-hood applications
  • Manufactured domestically in our Elmhurst facility
  • Backed by our exceptional customer service from quote-to-delivery
Prototype Circuit Board Fabrication
Quick Turn PCB Prototyping
  • Alpha Circuit renders an articulated determination for accelerated bare circuit board manufacturing. Adept in providing quick-turn services to customers worldwide, our Elmhurst, Chicago facility specializes in 24-72 hour turn-around time across an inclusive ambit of technology.
Specific programs dedicated to Quick-Turn
  • Keep 30% of capacity open strictly for quick-turn production
  • Once ongoing production exceeds 70% of capacity we embark on capacity expansion program to address bottleneck areas
  • For more information on our Quick-Turn Services, contact Alpha Sales